Protecting your business from insider threats in seven effective steps Why your organisation is currently defenceless

User Activity Monitoring

Insider Threat Detection That Sniffs Out User Risky Behaviour

Challenges We Face

The biggest security problems that we are facing today are people.

Firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems and antimalware are reasonably effective against external threats, but they don't detect unauthorised user activity inside the business.

Log files are a good source of user activity on a network. However, they are only as good as the information they collect. And not every application and system generates logs. 

Secondly, most organisations struggle with the sheer amount of data that they have to wade through. Therefore to find evidence of a compromise, makes this effort virtually fruitless, especially since searching for activity that doesn't fit a known pattern.

Research shows that insiders are responsible for 90% of security incidents, with 29% of incidents due to the deliberate and malicious actions of insiders, and 71% stemming from unintentional insider actions (source: Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report).

Managing The Internal Threat

That's where insider threat detection tools that incorporate User Activity Monitoring comes into play.

This type of tool, monitors and collects in real time all kinds of user activity data, such as what applications have been accessed, what as been typed, what files have been copies, what sensitive file have they observed. It basically answers a key question: WHO DID WHAT, WHEN and from WHERE?

What makes a User Activity Monitoring so powerful?

  • Visibility – It provides you clear visibility and evidence of the exact activities that each user has performed, like a movie.
  • Detection – The ability to detect dangerous, suspicious  and out-of-policy behaviour detection activities all in real-time. Including understanding trends and anomalies patterns
  • Deter - The most effective way to discourage users from performing dangerous or out-of-policy actions is to inform them that all their actions are now being recorded, like a Red Light /Speeding Camera
  • Education - Effectively educating employees and other users about acceptable computer behaviour has an immediate and dramatic impact on the number of security incidents.
  • Investigation – Allows to quickly and easily investigate anomalies as well as any incidents after they occur

How Can CommsNet Group Help You?

The key to identifying risky behaviour good or bad it the ability to detect activities that are deemed risky in nature. Because behaviour differs amongst users, the solution has to be adaptable and flexible depending on different business risks within an organisation. For example the Human Resource group has different set of user risks compared to software developers or the IT group.

As a result, CommsNet Group has a very specific methodology approach in helping organisation implement a very effective, working and focused User Activity Monitoring solution. A solution that provides organisations with confidence, certainty, visibility and understanding that the threat of Insider threat has drastically been reduced.

The CommsNet Group Advantage

CommsNet Group is one the largest Insider Threats advisors and consultants in Australasia that have focused in helping organisation integrate User Activity Monitoring solutions. In fact, CommsNet Group is the biggest provider of UAM for the Australia  Federal Government.

In additionally, CommsNet Group has been promoting User Activity Monitoring for over five years as one of the most effective solution in identifying and mitigating insider threats.